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A Modern Twist on Scandi Style with Hurn & Hurn

Hurn & Hurn

19 Dec 2018

Discover the unusual and tap into new nordic style with Normann Copenhagen at Hurn & Hurn. Simple yet sophisticated, this range is ideal for a modern home craving a unique flare.


Brighten up your living room with the Small Amp Chandelier in gold/ green or the Amp Lamp Large Pendant Light in smoke coloured glass and black marble. These modern accessories are the perfect investment for a contemporary touch.


Add some charming decor to your bedroom with this Oak Little Bird. Minimalistic and stylish, this piece would make a perfect gift or decorative accessory for the home.


If your home is longing for some snazzy storage, then add the Wooden Sticks Coat Hooks to your hallway or porch.


For a kitchen that needs a stylish upgrade, make washing up more fun with this Rubber Washing Up Bowl With Brush. Find a colour to suit any kitchen as this necessity comes in mint, grey, black and red. Add the Cognac Brandy Rocking Glasses Set of 2 to make your glass collection unique. These trendy glasses rotate with a rocking motion on a flat surface.


The Form Chrome Chairs are a great addition for danish dining. If you don’t have a dining room but own a home styled bar then opt for the Form Barstools. These chairs and barstools come in a variety of colours ranging from white to red.


For a mobile side table that will suit any decor, the Block Side Table is the one. It is versatile yet attractive, making it a great investment for any home.


1. Small Amp Chandelier - £725.00
2. Amp Lamp Large Pendant Light Smoke/ Black Inc Bulb- £84.00
3. Oak Little Bird- £18.00
4. Wooden Sticks Coat Hooks, Set Of 2- £18.00
4. Rubber Washing Up Bowl With Brush, Grey- £50.00
6. Cognac Brandy Rocking Glasses Set of 2- £28.95
7. Form Chrome Chair, Grey- £230.00
8. Form Barstool- White/ Oak- £230.00
9. Block Side Table, Black- £148.00

National Trust Garden Furniture Preview


18 Dec 2018

Bridgman are proud to introduce their luxurious new outdoor furniture collection created in partnership with the National Trust, available to purchase from February 2019! Named after the grand Cliveden gardens and estate, this collection is inspired by the design, quality, and elegance of the Buckinghamshire National Trust property.


The shapes found within this collection take influence from the form of Cliveden’s Yew tree maze. With winding pathways and a circular centre, this National Trust garden has been the key inspiration of the curved design. The straight routes through the maze have also been considered into the design, with straight and corner modules on offer as well. Pair with Bridgman’s Voyage Maison cushions to add even more character to your outdoor space.

Designed using fully waterproof cushions and a high quality rattan weave, along with modern shapes and features, the Cliveden collection truly reflects the craftsmanship and quality materials found across the National Trust estate, and as a result, is the epitome of luxury.

An optional armrest can be attached to the modular units. This opens up to provide you with a stylish and practical storage space, which can also function as an integrated ice bucket allowing you to keep your drinks chilled for longer. The overlapping coffee and side tables, great on their own or as a set, continue to reflect the modern style and shapes of this collection.

A minimum of £15,000 will be given to the National Trust through the sale of products in this collection. 

1. National Trust Cliveden Curved Modular Sofa Set with Armrests and Round Tables
2. National Trust Cliveden ‘U’ Shape Modular Sofa Set with Armrests and Square Table
3. National Trust Cliveden Modular Two Seater Curved Corner 
4. National Trust Cliveden Curved Modular Sofa Set with Round Tables
5. National Trust Cliveden ‘L’  Shape Modular Sofa Set with Armrests, Square and Round Tables
6. National Trust Cliveden Modular Corner 
7. Bridgman Voyage Maison Varese Forest Cushion
    Bridgman Voyage Maison Sisa Forest Cushion
    Bridgman Voyage Maision Wilderness Topaz Throw
8. National Trust Cliveden Modular Armrest 
9. National Trust 80cm Cliveden Square Coffee Table 
10. National Trust 60cm Cliveden Round Side Table 
      National Trust 70cm Cliveden Round Coffee Table 


For more information, high resolution lifestyle and cut-out images please contact:
Caron Grant, 020 8804 7474

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